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The Blue Bird Trail

Welcome to our North America Bluebird Trail

The Pitman Golf Course has enjoyed an organzied Bluebird Trail throughout the golf course for several years now. Since 2006 the trail has been supported by a team of volunteers who take great pride in the proper care and record keeping of all the nesting boxes, which you can find spread out over half the golf course.

The team is comprised of local county residents who already participate in a bird watching group and who enjoy noticing the wildlife that can be found on the golf course. This year's team is led by Dale Dietz and he is assisted by Peg Urban.

The New Jersey Bluebird Society's purpose is to produce a healthy and productive bluebird population in New Jersey. Our volunteers will monitor the boxes weekly to help determine the Bluebirds success in our area by recording nesting results, problems with predators and competitors, etc. Another step that is helpful in determining the population is to band the hatchlings for further monitoring. In these pictures, Dave Gilcrest is banding some babies while Dale Dietz assists. On May 10, there were 8 baby bluebirds banded at the Pitman Golf Course.

A strong Bluebird population is enjoyable for everyone who visits the golf course as they like to eat mosquitos and that's always a good thing for those who enjoy the outdoors! The Bluebird is a very distinctive looking bird as well - you won't miss identifying this one with the bright blue body and the orange/rust colored belly area. Unfortunately, the Bluebird is not the most aggresive bird so it's often "kicked-out" of the houses by other birds which are the main reason why the population isn't higher. We hope you enjoy the efforts of our volunteer team and happen to catch a glimpse of these birds during your next round of golf!

If you have any specific questions about our trail at the Pitman Golf Course, or have the desire to start your own box at home, contact Orist Wells This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. here at the golf course and he will provide you with additional information.

2006 Bluebird Trail Resurgence:


Dale and Susan Dietz
Peg Urban
Bob and Pat Baruzzi
Dwight and Doris Weir
Marie Hageman
Joan Wagner
Judy Cassario.