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Superintendent's Corner

Scott Hellerman
Golf Course Superintendent
Pitman Golf Course
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Frost Delays - Nobody likes them but they are an important practice of any quality golf course operation.

Here at the Pitman Golf Course, we will utilize Frost Delays to help protect the turf from damage. Our crew and our players have worked hard all year long to ensure the best possible playing conditions and we don't want to throw it all away just to tee off a little bit earlier on a cold morning.

To learn more about the importance of Frost Delays click on the link below for a short video;

Educational Video Clips

Golf Etiquette Program

The Pitman Golf Course is committed to providing golfers of all abilities the best possible playing conditions for your round and it requires your attention;

We ask that those who play Pitman Golf Course;

  • Repair ball marks
  • Replace divots
  • Rake bunkers smooth
  • Follow cart rules and regulations
  • Maintain proper Pace of Play

A fundamental principle in playing the game of golf is that all players show respect and consideration for one another AND for the course. Accordingly, as a golfer you are expected to uphold these basic etiquette rules of play and our golf staff has been instructed to enforce these rules throughout the day. Failure to follow these rules can result in being asked to leave the golf course with NO refund. We hope that everyone embraces this NEW program and we thank you in advance for your cooperation!

If you feel that you can not abide by these rules or have no desire to acknowledge proper golf course etiquette, we will gladly refund your green/cart fees prior to tee off.

Ball Mark Campaign

The Pitman Golf Course would like to remind everyone about basic golf course etiquette...

Please repair your ball marks. Everyone wants to putt on the best conditioned greens possible, but not everyone is doing their share when it comes to fixing ball marks. Remember, each golfer is respoonsible for repairing the damage that they do by way of ball marks and/or divots out on the course. If you wait for you golf staff to repair these things, it will take much longer to heal and the playing conditions will suffer as a result. This is especially true with ball marks. It only takes a few seconds to repair your mark and that will ensure the best possible playing conditions for your next round...we all might even make a few more putts along the way!