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Tee Time Reservations & No Show Policy


Pitman Golf Course tee times remain in high demand and accordingly, it is strongly recommended that all golfers make a tee time reservation.

Advanced tee time reservations can be made through our online reservation system, this allows registered golfers an easy way to reserve, review, modify or cancel advance tee times 24 hours a day/seven days a week; Click Here To Book Tee Times

The Pitman Golf Course does not utilize or authorize any “3rd Party” tee time brokers. Golfers are required to register (create a profile) on our online reservation system.

Tee time reservations can be made up to seven days in advance. The tee sheet will open online at 6am for booking seven days in advance. As an example, tee times for Sunday become available the preceding Sunday at 6am. Golfers can reserve a tee time for up to four players. A golfer is limited to two tee times per day. Please review the No Show Policy below to avoid being suspended from making reservations.


A “No-Show” occurs when a golfer makes a tee time reservation and then fails to show up for the reserved tee time or shows up with less players than what he originally booked for. When this happens, the tee time slots go unused and it creates two major issues; (1) The golf course loses the revenue which helps the overall performance of the facility as well as helps to keep costs down and (2), it denies interested golfers who want to play the opportunity to fill those time slots.

Here at Pitman Golf Course, we simply ask all players to communicate with us when they are unable to make their tee time or if they need to adjust down the number of players in the group. Reservations must be cancelled or modified at least 24 hours prior to the scheduled tee time. Failure to do so will result in the player who made the reservation being “flagged” for a No-Show.

The golfer who made the reservation will receive a warning for their No-Show. If the golfer accumulates more than 3 No-Show warnings, the player will be denied access to the reservation system.
An example of a No-Show is when a golfer makes a reservation for four players and then only three players check-in, this will result in the golfer who made the reservation receiving (1) no show warning. Another example is when a golfer makes a reservation for four players but nobody in the group checks in, this will result in the golfer who made the reservation receiving (4) no show warnings.
We recognize things happen inside of the 24 hour cancellation time frame including changes in the weather and personal emergencies. The Pitman Golf Course will be understanding of these issues but we do require a phone call to the Pro Shop (856-589-6688) when these situations occur.