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Etiquette & Rules

Welcome to our Etiquette & Rules section! The Pitman Golf Course will update this section based on special news, time of year and golfer requests. Please check in often to see what is being talked about!


AngryC'mon everyone - FIX YOUR BALL MARKS!
If you play golf then you have made a ball mark - remember to find it and repair it! Ball marks are one of the biggest problems in golf for the simple reason that everyone makes them but rarely does everyone repair them. This leads to bumpy greens, greens with weeds in them and generally poor conditions - so the question is why doesn't everyone repair them? And for those who say I never hit a green - even though your ball isn't laying on the green surface, maybe it hit the green and ran off the back - find your mark and repair it!

This may come to a shock to some of you, but there are FAST players and when they come up behind your group - it's okay to let them go through instead of slowing down the pace for everyone behind you. Also, please be aware of your position...if you don't see the group in front of you and the group behind you is waiting on you to play - it's a good sign that your group may be playing SLOW. The fix is easy...pick up your pace or allow them to play through - your fellow golfers will thank you!

Take A Divot...Replace The Divot!
First, a divot is the piece of turf that you tear out of the ground when hitting a golf shot. Not sure if you took a divot...just look down at the ground after your shot and if a piece of grass is missing where your ball was, then you took a divot.Golfer Divot It's no problem - most golfers take lots of divots during their round BUT it is your responsibility to go get that little chunk of grass and REPLACE it back from where you carved it out of. AGAIN...this is your responsibility as a golfer - repair your damage and leave the course in better shape than you found it!