The Pitman Golf Course is proud to host 3 PGA Jr League Teams.  We have two 13u teams and one 17u team.

Pitman GC 17u Program;  New for this year, we have one team that will send kids to the Philadelphia area to compete with other golf courses.  These play days will feature the same PGA Jr League Format. 

Last week we sent five kids to compete at Medford Lakes Country Club and we captured another 3rd place finish with our best team.  More events coming up so stay tuned!

Pitman GC 13u Program;  We again have two teams at the Pitman Golf Course, the ParBreakers and the PinSeekers.  Our teams will compete with area golf courses in a South Jersey Division which is part of the Philadelphia PGA Section.  Our teams have been practicing and we've even had a scrimmage to get ready for the season.  The first match of the 2019 season takes place at the Pitman Golf Course on Saturday, June 8th and it features the PinSeekers playing the ParBreakers in the opening game!  Stay tuned for more information about our PGA Jr League Teams!

2019 Season (June through August):

The PJGA (Pitm2018 Player of the Year - Jake Kowalskian Junior Golf Association) is a summer program for experienced junior golfers ages 13 through 17.  The PJGA holds a dedicated practice day every Tuesday and the junior golfers play a competition round every Thursday.  The program will conclude in August with the Annual PJGA Invitation Tournament where the Player of the Year will be awarded.  Pictured to the left is the 2019 Player of the Year - Jake Kowalski.

This program will help to further develop golf skills through weekly practice, drills, playing and competition days.  As always, all new participants will be required to pass a written rules and etiquette test as well as a playing ability test prior to being permitted entry into the league competition portion of the program.  The tests are designed to indicate a minimum required level of knowledge and ability to play on the course without direct assistance during the summer’s program.  The cost to register is $185 p/golfer and includes a PGC Junior Golf ID Card for discounted daily rates as well as all fees associated with the practice and competition days.

For more information, feel free to contact the Pro Shop at 856-589-6688.  Official sign-ups for the 2019 season will begin on June 1st.

PJGA Summer Schedule

Friday, June 1st – Registration Opens  
  • Beginning June 18th – Every Tuesday, Practice Day, 1:00pm – 2:30pm
    • Through Tuesday, August 13th
  • Beginning June 27th – Every Thursday, PJGA Official Event, Tee times begin at 1pm
    • Through Thursday, August 8th 
      • No Event Scheduled For Thursday, July 4th  
  • Thursday, August 15th – PJGA Invitation Tournament, Tee off begins at 5:30pm

PLAYER OF THE YEAR AWARD - The PJGA will present this award at the end of the season to the most deserving player during the PJGA season.  The Player of the Year is determined by a cumulative point system throughout the season.  Points are earned for simply attending events and practice days as well as for quality of play throughout the season. 

2005 Winner – Kyle Zayac                                         2012 Winner – Tyler Reedman
2006 Winner – Chad Delia                                         2013 Winner – Tyler Reedman
2007 Winner – Eric Naccarelli                                   2014 Winner – Kevin Larson
2008 Winner – Chad Cerino                                       2015 Winner – Gage Wolfle
2009 Winner – Chad Cerino                                       2016 Winner – Matt Masiejczyk
2010 Winner – Nick Chilleli                                       2017 Winner – Luciano DiLisciandro
2011 Winner – Liam Mulligan                                   2018 Winner – Jake Kowalski